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#150. Healthy Sandwich Recipes

Hello Moms, Today, i’ll explore 3 healthy sandwich recipes 1. The Tuna Cheese Sandwich-my kids delight Ingredients -1 Canned Tuna fish – 2 tspn cream cheese -a handful of parsley -1 tspn of light mayonnaise -whole meal bread or white bread method Take out the tuna fish and drain the water in it out, add…

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#149. The Sponge Cake Treat

Hello Moms, Yeah! Like they say ‘Saturdays are for treats’. Somehow I made a Facebook live video on Saturday which went off due to some technicalities and I still promised I will redo the video but for now, here’s how I make my sponge cake without a mixer. Ingredients. 300ml of plain flour 250ml Stevia…

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