Who Are We?

What Is 50 Amazing Moms?

With the sole mission on inspiring and empowering mothers to live healthier lifestyles for not only themselves, but their children, 50 Amazing Moms prides itself on being raw with its audience.
Armed with dedication and experience, the founder, Dr. Christiana Stephen is utterly committed to her following, as they are to her. Covering a range of topics such as health, fitness, financial, wellbeing, fashion and beauty, 50 Amazing Moms is the one stop for inspiration, motivation and support – with its inbox always open to questions and advice.
50 Amazing Moms has recently opened an online store, selling Dr. Stephen’s comprehensive meal plans and guides for an array of needs, that continue to sell weekly.
With fresh content produced on a daily basis, 50 Amazing Moms has become a buzzing hub for mothers to follow along to live workouts, gain relationship advice, parenting skills and learn recipes – there really is something for everyone.
The community boasts an atmosphere of women’s liberation, unafraid to talk about perceived ‘taboo’ topics such sex, female hygiene and domestic abuse in hope through talking about this it can will not only educate but raise crucial awareness.
At the very heart of the community is Christianity, where daily prayers and teachings are shared to spark helpful conversation and bring hope, clarity and consolation.
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