#170. A Glowing Skin For Toddlers- Christiana Stephen

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I remember some time ago, I wrote about how I use coconut oil on my kid’s skin and it worked magically. A lot of us have spent money on our skin and even extending to our kids skin just to see the glow. The truth is, I have been in that position where I depend so much on skin care products until I realized that what is most important is what you feed your child and not just what skin care product you use on them.


I have tried products and brands, my best advice is try feeding your child the right kind of food. Sometime ago, I traveled to Nigeria and I had to buy a large quantity of sheer butter, my main aim was to use for my hair. Then, my last my last son started developing bad allergy on his skin and my mom suggested sheer butter. That was another magical product I found for my kids skin.


Here’s a list of some of the natural oils I use for my kids skin and hair

  1. Olive Oil 100% pure
  2. Coconut Oil 100%
  3. Sheer butter 100% Pure

The best way to start is to try on one side of the arm for 2 weeks, if they don’t react badly to it then you are good to go. The less chemical there is, the better. Some times, just because it is cheap and affordable does not it isn’t going to be effective. Cutting cost is very important in childcare.

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