#149. The Sponge Cake Treat

Hello Moms,

Yeah! Like they say ‘Saturdays are for treats’. Somehow I made a Facebook live video on Saturday which went off due to some technicalities and I still promised I will redo the video but for now, here’s how I make my sponge cake without a mixer.

Homemade sponge cake on white plate.Soft and lite delicious sponge cake with ingredients: eggs flour milk on wood table. Homemade cake with ingredients in homemade bakery concept for bakery backgroundIngredients.

300ml of plain flour

250ml Stevia or brown Sugar

150ml Sunflower oil

A tspn Soda bicarbonate

A tspn baking soda

a tspn vanilla essence

3 eggs

Homemade sponge cake

Method- Pre-heat your oven on 150degrees celcius before you begin the process

1. Add your sugar or stevia to a blender and blend till it becomes powdery

2. Add flour and all ingredients to the blender and blend until it’s consistent.

3. Pour the mixture into the baking pan

4. Put into the oven and allow for 15-20mins.

5. You can confirm when it’s ready with a toothpick. Insert your toothpick into the cake 🎂, if it comes out dry then it is ready.

corn bread

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Let’s hear what you do on Saturdays. For me, I try out a lot of things I couldn’t try out during the weekdays. I also do my weekly beauty regimen, which I will speak about soon…Lets hear from you



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