#129. Verbal Diarrhoea-Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,


Its Tuesday and this topic stirred me up.

Diarrhoea is having more frequent, loose, watery poo, which may be referred to as ‘stools’. Imagine having verbal diarrhoea. Talking and talking without control. Some people are actually suffering from this disease without even knowing. They just talk too much and carelessly

Listen up, watch your words. Even the bible says death and life lies in the power of the tongue. Most of us continually talk down on ourselves, our Children, and even our spouse then expect to see positive results. I am wondering how that even happens.


I overheard a woman call her daughter ‘useless’. I understand sometimes things may get to us but being verbally abusive will always cause more harm than good. Season your words and your life will follow suit.

Speak what you want to see not what the situation is at that moment. Don’t use abusive words your children or your spouse, don’t talk down on yourself. Your words are powerful enough to change things.

Be Diarrhoea Free.

Christiana Stephen
Life and Wellness Coach

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