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Being a mom implies a great transformation in the life of every woman who, if she is not conscious, can lead her to forget about herself. A woman can be a great mother, without ceasing to be a great woman. Do not be fooled by false utopias!

Being a mother and a woman is a combination that sounds complicated at times, especially when you have your first child.


Usually, the first aspect and what you want early in the morning is a comfort, how easy and fast it is always within everyone’s reach. But the comfort you want so much can also be found with a few basic and always key pieces in your closet that make you feel and look wonderful. Therefore, being a mom does not mean giving up your passion for fashion and knowing how to dress. On the contrary, you can become a radiant and fashionable mom who fulfills all her responsibilities and imposes style in each of her facets and most importantly … you do not have to spend too much.

Let’s show you some tips, looks and basic clothes that can not miss in your closet.69621BAE-2920-4746-A7DC-C27892927375


  1. The Basics are Everything

The basic garments are a modern and safe option for a busy mom, so I recommend you to mix comfortable and informal clothes such as tennis shoes or a white shirt, with a little more formal garments such as a blazer, cocktail black dress or a light blouse for a perfect combination of styles: fresh and elegant.

Do not hesitate to have these pieces in your closet, you will have a versatile look that adapts any time of your day and remember! Give a touch of color to your looks with accessories.DBA52F56-0140-4F59-A91E-FD7F7D86BEE2

  1. Wear Pants

Formal pants are a great trend in fashion. They come in a wide variety of cuts and styles and adapt to all body types. Definitely, a garment that you will want to incorporate.

  1. Some nice Jeans do not hurt anyone.

A classic ever! Mix with everything, they are timeless and give you freedom of movement. The high waist is the general recommendation for pants. This cut allows you to be comfortable when you move and also shapes your body.

  1. Dresses

Many women forget dresses after being mothers. One of the excuses is the little freedom that some give to move. But for this, you must choose the right dress that goes with your style and body shape. For example, dresses that never go out of style are shirt dresses. They are a fantastic garment for your casual looks, with sandals or boots will make you look attractive, comfortable as every mother wants to be and fashion with little effort.

Always using dresses has the advantage is that if you do not want you can use them without another piece to combine and you’ll look great. So this is the fastest option while still being fashionable.

Neutral colors or timeless prints, like stripes and geometric, are perfect to stand out. Besides, what can I recommend? A dress that is not very tight but you can appreciate your figure, you can use the cuts in A and the minimum length is at the knee.

  1. Cardigans

Cardigans are a great complement to our outfits. With jeans, dresses, or skirts, they will give you a guaranteed modern look.

They go with everything and are very attractive to look casual looks.

  1. The stylish but fun Blazer

The blazer is an elegant garment that does not go out of style. For the most daring there are always the colorful blazers that are a perfect touch. For a casual look with jeans and booties or for work or formal look, the blazers adapt to every occasion and are a garment that cannot miss in your closet.

  1. Nautical Look

This look is a great option to be a modern mom. The striped print, navy blue, and white will give you an elegant look and ideal for your casual outfits.

The navy is a super attractive color and you will look amazing always.

  1. Look Boho

This looks is the favorite of many and not for that you will be a messed up mother, on the contrary! Many celebrities prefer it and they wear it with an excellent style, if your wave is the boho chik, this is the one for you. The boho look is a great fashion trend to add to your looks. Go for some printed maxi dresses or maxi skirts with comfortable sandals and have a cute and appropriate boho chik look.

  1. Flats are always a yes

The flats are super comfortable and attractive shoes, ideal for a look of a fashionable mom. They look great with all kinds of garments, it is a great shoe to incorporate into your daily outfits and there is a great choice of styles and colors.

Do you want more tips? …

  1. Add pastels and nudes colors to your closet

They are elegant, feminine and sophisticated. They are a safe and fabulous option to be fashionable and you can wear them very well in the day and at night.

  1. Go for the prints

The tropical or geometric prints are a great trend that does not go out of style. They are original, attractive and are a fun and colorful option that is worth using.

  1. Do not forget the accessories!

It’s the fastest and cheapest way to update your style and look modern. Having a closet with the most neutral garments, where everything combines with everything, will give you more versatility and will save you time every morning.

Invests in some cute shoes, bag, and jacket timeless (those that do not go out of style). Being versatile and functional garments, start by buying one of each in neutral colors that combine with everything and give you the versatility to dress.

And if you want to look more daring so as not to be too simple or boring, introduce bold colors or prints on the accessories. Shoes in red or fuchsia, a coral bag or a printed pashmina give life to your look quickly.

  1. Makeup

As for the makeup, it is not necessary to spend 15 minutes more to fix yourself.

  • Use a BB or CC cream to match your skin tone without using too much makeup. It moisturizes and protects you from the sun and gives you color, all in one.
  • Use a nude lipstick to give life to your face without being too make-up or for the most daring a nice red color is always good for day or night.
  • Do not forget to use sunscreen.

The councils have their name for something, are some simple tips, but with much love, I give you so that in your day to day you always have present.

Give yourself 15 to 30 minutes to choose the look you want to wear and you like it in your closet. The most important thing is that it makes you feel comfortable to carry out your life with security and loving you, it does not hurt anyone!

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