#. 105. You have What it Takes To be In Control-Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,

I have been receiving lots of messages and chats that have been so inspirational. Pushing me to write more and even better. Oh my! You all are amazing, thank you moms. I love writing what you love reading. Meanwhile I apologise for not posting this past week, I have had a lot of moments and needed inspiration to write. Thanks for being patient.

So I had a long chat with a mom about something very personal and this line came up- You have what it takes to be in control. Since I made this statement, I have been thinking of how true these words are and have realised that there is so much truth within these words.

What do I mean by this statement? As a woman and a wife, you have all it takes to be in control.img_3109

  1. Your brain: have you ever wondered how possible it is for you to do the very things your hubby struggles to do and even do they things he can do perfectly well. Have you thought of how amazing you are able to multi-task and still be productive regardless?  Have you ever thought of how powerful you are if you maximise half of what you have inside of you without playing weak. These questions hit me so hard and I have come to share. We have so much wisdom, I don’t understand how God made our brains but He sure made it so perfect that even man cannot comprehend. Your brain is powerful and can think up a million and one ways without struggling. The only issue is a lot of us do not use our brains at all. We just believe anything we are told and wallow in the stereotype of womanhood. Let us wake up and make use of the one powerful tool we have.
  2. Your Beauty: look around you, if the whole word were to consist of just men and animals, do you think it will be as beautiful as it is. When God made everything, He knew they was a missing bit and He couldn’t rest until He made you. Oh yes! believe it or not, we made the whole creation perfect and beautiful. You are beautiful, it doesn’t matter what anyone has told you or what you feel you look like. This can not change the fact that you are beautiful, so flunt your beauty. Both your inner and outer beauty. Your man just needs to see the beauty in you.
  3. Your Heart: women have a very large heart. Very tolerating and accommodating. We have a heart worth more than gold. We hurt and smile at the same time. We put up a fronts as though all is well when we are actually suffering. We have a strong heart. But we just do not even know we do. We always think we are weaker but its a lie we are not weak in any sense.
  4. Your Determination: once a woman is determined to change things, it takes A stronger force to stop her. The truth is we are very determined and that is a strong and powerful trait that can keep us in control of any situation.
  5. Your Appearance: have you wondered why certain women will walk pass and every man will turn to look? If women were not appealing in nature, men will not look twice. You can work on how appealing you are to your spouse. Trust me this will keep his head and face glued to your direction at all times. Even when you are out of sight, all he thinks of is you because the last image of you is appealing to him.
  6. Your Words/ Your Tongue: how many of us have tried speaking words silently to our spouse. Try it- whisper in his ears those sweet words. Do not stop saying positive words. You have nothing to loose speaking into his life. Words are powerful not everybody knows how to speak. By this I mean, speaking the right things. It does not matter who you are and your status in life, if you do not know how to speak you are doomed.  Do not speak the things you see but the things you want to see. Speak into your marriage, speak into your life, speak into your kids. Just keep speaking until something happens.img_3099

We are women and the truth is we have all it takes to be in control. A lot of times we just do not even know who we are and what we are made off. The moment I realised who I was a lot of things changed around me. We are just more powerful than what we make ourselves to be.

I hope we enjoyed today’s read. Feel free to comment, like, share and be part of this community.


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