#104. Confidence Is The New Trend -Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,

Confidence is a woman’s ideal fashion, so wear it

-Christiana Stephen (c), 2017IMG_1387

I hope we are good today?, as usual I feel really good today. A bit laid back but that’s expected after running around 4 kids. I have come up with this topic to help us know whether or not we are confident as women or not. These 10 signs are just some of the signs I have identified, so feel free to add as much as you know. This will help us learn from ourselves. Some of the signs I have put together relate my opinion and opinions of some of the moms I had a word with.

  1. Confident women do not compromise self care: when you find a woman who values a healthy life- such as eating right, sleeping well, giving themselves a treat then you have identified a confident woman. There is nothing wrong in looking after yourself and getting pampered. Taking care of oneself is very important. If you find that you do not look after yourself well enough, then begin to because it is not a crime to fall in love with you. When you begin to look after yourself whether or not you are confident, confidence will build up automatically in you.
  2. They never try to please people: a lot of times, I find women who are seeking approval to be who they meant to be just so that they please everyone around them. Don’t forget that when you are self-assured you do not need external approval. Learn to be your true self. People who like you will like you regardless and people who do not like you will not like you regardless. Do not displease yourself to please everyone because you will never succeed in pleasing everyone.IMG_1409
  3. They are self motivated: this means that they do not need people to push them around before they can achieve anything. They motivate themselves at all times
  4. They do not cave to peer pressure: This is largely due to the fact that they don’t feel peer pressure. Pressure is reserved for those who stress about what others think. And the confident woman just doesn’t.
  5. They are always conscious and self-aware: Confident women are in touch with their purpose and they use this to intentionally guide their decisions. This dauntless way of living intentionally is part of what draws others to them.IMG_1397
  6. They have strong instincts: Even when all the facts seem to point one way, if their gut says the other, that is the way they go. They know that instinct is our strongest ally in decision making so they listen to it religiously.
  7. They say it has it is: this means that they do not lie about their feelings to make others feel good about themselves and they never suppress their feelings.
  8. They are critical thinkers: even when everyone is doing the same thing or agrees to the same things, they think through before speaking.
  9. They are trend setters: this means that they do not follow trends, they try to make their own trends.
  10. No self doubt: a confident woman may be wrong but she never doubts her ability to do things. She knows she has so much strength inside and tries to utilize them.
  11. They do not concern themselves with gossip: a confident woman does not find pleasure in bringing people down, The fact is no time for gossip. Rather, you spend time developing yourself.

It  is good to be a woman, we add colour to the world, so be proud of it. A friend of mine wrote that ‘A woman’s greatest asset is being a woman, no need to compete with men. I totally agree with this statement. If you do not know your importance, you will act otherwise.

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  1. Great post!Thanks hun.I loved the bit where … “Confident women are in touch with their purpose and they use this to intentionally guide their decisions.”
    Also lets not forget that seeking approval of men can hinder happiness and affect condifence.Moms lets walk with our heads held high and be in touch with our true purpose of being great MOMs.

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