#108. Sexy Isn’t Sin-Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,

So I live in an era where everything is sin and people over spiritualising everything. Okay, then that brings the confusion of what I should and shouldn’t do, what I should or shouldn’t teach my kids. Today, I choose to differ as usual in my thinking, in line with this, I will capture my thoughts and opinion on this matter. Like they say we are all entitled to our opinions.

Sexy isn’t sin, what is sexy and what is sin? I will just apply what the online dictionary says here. Sexy means sexually attractive or exciting, or very exciting and appealing. On the other hand, sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.

Okidoki, now that we have a clear definition of the two terms, I choose to ask a simple question- is sexy sin?. In my opinion, sexy isn’t sin and I can tell you clearly why I think this way. As a married woman with kids, I have come to understand that as much as I try to create a balance, being sexually appealing to my husband is very significant. So when I hear women judge others for looking sexy and appealing, I just wonder why that is the case. They are various ways you can be sexually attractive without walking out nude in public. So lets draw the line here, what I am saying is be sexy to your husband, the entire world doesn’t have to be involved, however, there are times when husbands actually demand this from their wives in public, do as he wants, this is no sin. If he desires you look a particular way, he may have his reasons. Some of us are so uptight about everything. Note that the word sexy is not linked to public nudity. You can be sexy without being nude. They are various ways in which you can stay sexy and appear that way to your spouse. Over spirituality or religiosity is killing our marriages, rules  regulations and norms have ruined a lot of homes. Wives have become redundant. The trend is eating so deep into the next generation and if we must act, we must act fast. Stop over spiritualising your affairs, speaking in tongues is good being active in church is perfect but not knowing when to draw the line is not so good

I am sure your husband desires you a virtues woman but what appeals to a man’s eye is your sexuality. Know what works for your marriage and apply it. Below are some Ways to stay sexy and appealing.

  1. Dress: we all associate fashion to sexiness, as much as fashion is important, it isn’t the only thing that can make you sexy. Dress well and for the occasion. You can be decently dressed and still turn his eyes in public. Sexiness isn’t all about dressing nude.
  2. Smell nice: Some of us are so carried away with chores that we forget to walk around the house neat and in good perfume. Always smell nice, good smell is on its own sexy.
  3. Get back in shape: try eating healthy and exercising. It gives you stamina and improves your confidence in yourself.
  4. Be Nag Free: do not nag. Always learn to state your points clearly and maturely without appearing overly clingy.
  5. Let your husband do the chasing: women, this is a serious matter. Once a woman has kids, she begins to see herself as less. I wonder why that should be the case and once you loose that confidence, you begin to chase after him. Let him be the man and chase after you, I bet you, it is a very refreshing feeling to watch a man fall over again for you.
  6. Get Your makeup done: even if you do not like makeup or prefers it once in a while, get it done nicely. It must not be loud, it can just a simple flawless touch on your face.
  7. Invest in yourself: in every aspect, some men are sapiosexual -a person who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing. So put a lot of effort to improve your literary and creative skills.
  8. Discover what and how he loves it: some men will tell you out rightly what they want while others will prefer you discover for yourself. Know what he wants and how he wants it. This makes life easy. I am not forgetting that some men don’t even know what they want, in that case use your marital instincts and discretion.
  9. Be the word sexy: if you believe in the word sexy, be that word, be proud of you and carry yourself that way. We were all created beautiful, sexiness is an added advantage.
  10. Live for you, be happy. Life is one, it may not be short for some but live your life to the fullest.

Thanks Moms for reading my blabs as usual, I appreciate. Feel free to like, share, comment and most especially be a part of this community, For Moms By Moms


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