#132. My Christmas Meal Ideas- Dr. Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms, I hope we all had great time yesterday. I know it’s a season we want to eat and have fun with family and friends. The temptation is usually very high. For me I cooked at lot of meals but ended up eating something healthy. I try to avoid blotting, so for me cheating means punishment. I may just end up with discomfort, so I am careful what I eat.  ‘My  breakfast – I made kiwi, banana and coconut parfait with Greek yoghurt.  I decided a jar will do to control my portion.


Kiwi, banana, coconut parfaits in mason jars on rustic wood

My Lunch was vegetable salad and grilled chicken

Chicken Salad

My dinner was prawns salad

stir-fry flowering chinese chives with prawns and edamameI will be discussing each meal in detail and recipes if you want to try. It was the first time in a long while I have eaten 3 times but I love my choices.

what did you have?

Lets share ideas, it’s a wonderful season.


  1. Christmas Day food choices: I had lettuce, berries and flax seed smoothie for breakfast. Chicken with mixed veggies salad. Finally dinner was goat meat pepper soup.

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