#203. The Miracle Ingredient For Skincare-Dr. Christiana Stephen

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The other day I was using quarantine boredom to my benefit and took on the challenge of what is my bathroom cupboards and may I say…WHAT. AN. EYESORE. Tons of bottles, most empty, some hardly touched, and others way past their expiry date, and it got me thinking…Can I think of one skincare product I have bought in the past that I can religiously buy again and again, so that I don’t encounter this issue in a few months. And my honest answer? NO!

I don’t even want to think about the total amount I must have racked up over the years paying for fancy skincare products. Even if I could work it out, I’m sure it would be more than I’d be happy to admit! Anyone else?

Yet, one thing that I knew I could rely on for beautiful skin was something that doesn’t actually reside in the bathroom, but the kitchen!

So today I’m taking it back to basics, forget the ingredient labels on the back of your skincare bottles that lists an array of funny looking words you’ve never heard of; and the few you have that that only act to spark concern, such as ‘aluminium’ and ‘parabens’, that are SO bad for your skin by the way!

Here is one ingredient that is not only completely natural, but super affordable in comparison to what you’re buying at the moment…In fact it’ll only cost your a couple of quid!


Avocados! Did you guess it?

And here is why…

Not only is this super-food packed full of healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are SO good for your body, it is also a skin savour!

This is why I’ve included the ingredient again, and again in the meals in The 50 Amazing Moms, Weight Loss Meal Plans.

Simply by including it in your diet you can see an array of benefits on your skin from smoothness, to anti ageing, to even acne prevention, but it doesn’t stop there…

You can apply this magic ingredient directly to your face!

Mash alone, or if you’re feeling adventurous with honey, oats or yogurt. You can see recipes for this in our latest blog, ‘Natural Homemade Face Mask That You Can Make From Your Cupboard!‘.

In my opinion it doesn’t get much better than that. So although my avocados will predominately be staying in the kitchen, and not in the bathroom cupboards, I can’t lie and say they won’t find themselves on my face from time to time!

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