#193. 5 Life Changing Beauty Tips That You’ve Never Heard!-Dr. Christiana Stephen

Dear Moms,


Happy Sunday to you. On Friday, we spoke about looking after the face. Click here to watch. Ever had an occasion where you ask yourself ‘ how have I never known about this?’…This blog is one of those moments!

With everything happening at the moment, what better time to practice a little self care! Especially when it’s tricks you’ve never heard of!

You’ve been telling us all about the little things you’ve been doing to look after yourself during self-isolation and we’re so impressed! Despite having your hands full with family, work and everything else, you’ve been able to find some time for yourself – Hurrah!

So to make things easier for you, we’ve created our top 5 life changing beauty tricks that will not only save you time but change your life!

Let’s begin!

1) Applying Your Skincare

Always apply your skincare upwards! Whether its cleansing, toning or moisturising its crucial that you spread them in an upwards motion..be careful not to be too harsh with this so as not to inflame your face!

Overall, adopting this technique will work to reduce winkles that comes with applying products in the wrong direction.

2) Place Translucent Powder Over Your Lipstick


The day can take a toll on your gorgeous lipstick. So whether you’re in an important meeting, playing with the kids or even on a date – don’t threat – we’ve got your back!

Once you’ve completed the masterpiece that is your ‘statement lip’, simply grab a sheet of toilet paper and place it gentle over your lips, ensuring not to smudge, by doing this it will ensure the colour of your lip wont dull! Then lightly dab, with a makeup brush, some translucent powder onto the toilet paper over your lips.

You can thank us later for this one!

3) Oils, Gels or Lotion?


When I was younger my Mom taught me a trick that I use on a daily basis, so I thought I’d share it with all of you!

“Think of your eyes as delicate tissue paper, your face as normal paper, and the rest of your body, thick card.”

This has an effect on what sort of lotions, oils and gels you use and where.

Gels are best for under the eye, oils are great for your face and lotions are perfect to smother all over the rest of your body!

4) Apply Sunscreen Everyday!

Yes, even in winter!

Whether you’re going bare faced or full face, keep your skin looking dewy and winkle-free by applying sunscreen on your face everyday to protect yourself from harmful rays.

UVA damage is irreversible, and with these specific rays staying at the same level of intensity all year round, we must protect ourselves from these on a daily basis…Sunscreen can do this!

5) Dry Your Hair With An Old T-shirt


Hear us out here, we know it sounds insane that the old t-shirt probably covered in bleach stains and holes could be the cure to your frizzy hair problem but it can!

So put down your tough towels that cause damage and pick up a cotton t-shirt!

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