#. 192. 10 Top Coping Tips For A lockdown- Dr. Christiana Stephen

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It’s Thursday- what’s on the top list is staying locked down or quarantined for a long period of time.

The truth is that staying LOCKED DOWN or QUARANTINE for a long period of time does not help anyone, unless you have things planned out. It can impact any one’s mental health. This is WEEK 2 at home with the kids. I can tell you how I have been surviving daily.

Every day has its own challenges but here are my 10 top tips to survive a lock down

  1. Stock your house with ESSENTIALS: part of the things I had to do was to plan ahead. Being a planner, I make sure I organised things early before any rush. Planning ahead, if you haven’t will save you from telling your kids, there is no food. One advice, do not be tempted to buy the entire world at an expensive price. Buy the things that are essential. My list included: food stuffs that do not go bad easily, if you do not have constant electricity, you should think of buying things like pasta that can be stored away and does not need so much electric to survive. Canned foods are also good at this point, like canned fish etc. Check the expiring date before you buy.
  2. Create a suitable routine: I am used to waking up early and having my ‘me time’, that has not changed and I doubt if it will. I still meditate and still love that.  Create a routine that is easy to follow and will be good for everyone else. Remember it is not only about you this time.
  3. Keeping physically active is critical to boosting mood: “Frustration and boredom can come when kids are not getting the opportunities to be physically active.” Creative exercise ideas, like setting up an obstacle course in the backyard, could occupy both parents and kids. I also do daily workouts with the kids, so check out our Thursday Training sessionAs little as 10 minutes can keep you feeling good through out the day.
  4. Getting Things Done: I still very much work from home. Respond to emails from my students, support them as much as I should. The feeling that I am getting work done is good for me. Feeling as though something has been accomplished during an isolation period will be important for both children and their parents. It could include working from home, school assignments or setting sights on long-avoided chores, repairs or tasks. I have encouraged the kids to keep a “corona journal”, in which they can document their experience.
  5. Creative Time: We all observe what we call creative time. A time when we decide to either sit outside the balcony, draw, paint or design. We also do construction games. Like building a robot and winning a price- join our Kids Bonding on Facebook Live every Saturday
  6. Stay Connected: like they say ‘no man is an island. It is critical for your mental health that you stay in touch and connected to people socially.  This time, technology is our friend. Connecting and making time for friends on social media or over the phone will be critical for adults. Also – reaching out to others to make sure they are OK. Children are used to highly social environments and will also need to connect with friends. Older children, Waters says, could create themes on Instagram or Snapchat where they can share their experiences and tips with friends. With younger children it might be scheduling in some video calls with friends and family (guardian.com).
  7. Exercise: it is important to include exercises to your survival routine. Now is not the time to just sit and do nothing. Put in some activities for your health sake. Join our workout Wednesday
  8. Plan your Eating: the truth is that if you do not take control and put things in place including your food. It will impact you. Get a well planned out meal, easy to follow to keep weight in check. See Healthy eating.
  9. Pray: prayer is very important. Whether or not you are affected, JUST PRAY. Teach the children to pray for those who are affected. I make mine say a little prayer every day and every time they remember to wash their hands, I ask them to pray for those in pain. Let them also pray for health practitioners. They need our prayers. The world needs us to intercede and pray.


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