#154. A trip to Brighton and Hove 1

Hello Moms,

‘I hope you are keeping up well with the heat that’s if you are in a hot season like me. I went on vacation and these are some of the fun memories my family and I had. It’s always good to take time out and relax. It’s isn’t always about work and work. Moments when we make memories matter too to our overall well-being.

‘Here’s My fun bit-

1. The food



I tried some new meals like Malaysian veggies. I loved it though with steamed chicken in garlic sauce. I’ll try and make it and send the recipes to you.

2. The scenery- I visited some fun places like the British Airways i360, the beach, the malls. I’ve really not been a fan of traveling, how much more with 4 children. In my next post, I’ll give you a break down of what I made sure we all did.





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