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Studies have shown that Tigernut are rich in nutrients. I have taken out time to do a study on its benefits but first what are they?

Tiger nuts aren’t really nuts; they are tubers that grow under the soil’s surface. Also known as yellow nutsedge, tiger nutsedge or earth almond, tiger nuts have been used for many centuries and remain extremely popular all over the western hemisphere. Archaeologists conclude that evidence hints at this food being used in the Paleolithic era

1. A good source of magnesium; according to Tigernut.com ‘To adhere the calcium to the bones and thus fight osteoporosis and tooth decay, tiger nuts provide part of the needed magnesium. A good way to be full of energy is to provide the body a daily dose of magnesium. Magnesium is ideal, along with proteins, to develop the muscles. Of course, magnesium is strongly related to kidney care and prevention of menstrual problems (in women) and maintaining the body pH stable to avoid the appearance of dermatitis or fungal infections’.


2. A good source of fiber: studies show that the fiber content in Tigernut is superior to that found in chia seeds and prunes. It’s a power packed food that keeps you in shape.

3. Tigernuts provide a good amount of potassium: Controlling blood pressure is one of the main functions of the potassium. And in this sense, tiger nuts, due to the high amount of this chemical helps to control the heart activity. While banana is the most known source of potassium, multiple studies have confirmed that tigernuts provide levels even higher of this electrolyte. To be exact, 25 tigernuts provide the amount of 139 milligrammes of potassium and proportionately outweigh the mentioned fruit. (Tigernuts.com).

4. Cures Erectile Dysfunction
Here comes one of the major health benefits of tiger nuts. Tiger nuts are indirectly beneficial in improving the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED). Although there is no medical evidence to support this claim, natives of Ghana have been using this traditional medicine for decades in the form of palliative for treating ED.(stylecraze.com)

5. Rich Non-Meat Protein Source
Protein plays an important role in building bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood, and hence is one of the major nutrients of the body. Tiger nuts are one of the richest sources of non-meat protein that supplies plentiful of energy essential for carrying out heavy work all through the day.(stylecraze.com)

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6. Dietary fiber in tiger nuts can help control diabetes: In line with the first benefit, the great contribution of healthy and balanced fiber provided by tigernuts does not raise blood glucose levels and, therefore, these foods are excellent for preventing and combating diabetes. Actually worldwide millions suffer from diabetes type 2 whose risks can trigger fatal health consequences. Therefore, maintaining the levels of blood sugar in a controlled manner is clearly a goal to pursue, but for that, you have also to remedy obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol intake, smoking or high blood pressure, primarily responsible for triggering diabetes.In this sense, tigernuts can play an important role in a healthy lifestyle, because of their high nutritional value and all the benefits described. In addition, it’s high doses of sucrose and the contained fiber have made tigernuts great substitutes for carbohydrates that do raise the level of blood sugar.(Tigernuts.com).

7. Tiger nut oil properties compete with olive oil: Indeed, tiger nut oil has nothing to envy the traditional oil. It’s oil is full of healthy power. Because of its high levels of oleic acid (monounsaturated), this liquid is perfect to nourish the skin and prepare it against external aggressions. In addition, tiger nut oil contains sufficient polyunsaturated fatty acids to fully meet the daily needs of the human body. Among the therapeutic properties of tiger nut oil, is, for example, the cure of eczemas or skin lesions caused by dermatophytes, as well as stimulation of calcium absorption, bone tissue regeneration or atherosclerosis, among other diseases. Beyond the therapeutic properties offered by the tiger nut oil as a food, advanced cosmetics companies begin to use it to innovate with highly tolerant products for different skin types and thanks to their high doses of vitamin E, which prevent aging.(Tigernuts.com).

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  1. This is a thorough explanation, I had heard lots of hype about tigernuts but not in this manner. Thanks for enlightening me.

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