#137. Fuel Your Saturday with this Smoothie Recipe -Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,

Thanks for stopping by, it’s Saturday. For me today is for rest and organizing my meals for next week. Here’s how I start my day. I love smoothies, it’s my way of getting my 5-a Day portion 1. I use 5 items.


1 apple

1 banana

1 kiwi

a handful of kale

a handful of spinach


1. Add your leafy greens in the blender with a cup of water.

2. Blend till it’s smooth

3. Add your fruits and blend until smooth.

4. Serve.

Green smoothieLet me know what you make out of this. Feel free to sign up, share, Comment and like. It’s a Community For Moms By Moms.


  1. Hi have really liked how you relate with your kids everything about you…. So sweet your kitchen so gorgeous. Will follow your footsteps…. Love you guys….

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