#112. Karma is Life’s Hero- Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,

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Happy new week. I hope you had a restful weekend. Well, today brings us a topic that may either make you feel happy, remorseful or upset. Whichever way this post makes you feel, learn to do the right things.

I have looked deeply into life and have realized that the world would have been a better place if women could stop adding pain to another’s life. The truth is we are the main reason why a lot of us are hurting. To be honest, everyone cannot have that perfect life and perfect body but the rate at which we shame each other just to elevate ourselves is sickening.

I have heard stories and even witnessed how a woman will be hurting another intentionally. Sometimes it is out of envy and jealousy and at other times, it is just wickedness. If you cannot be in someone’s life to bring joy then you do not belong there. May be you haven’t really noticed but here are ways in which we add pain to each other.FullSizeRender

  1. Come to think of it, we complain men cheat; but who do they cheat with? Another woman I guess? if that woman did not agree to his excesses, the rate of cheating would have been minimal. I understand that most men do not even let you know they are married. But what of the ones who do?. How can you know that a woman has a steady relationship and seem happy in it and all you do is think of ways to destroy it. Why do we really hate ourselves so much? I still cannot understand why we do what we do to each other. Do you know what she would have put into that relationship for it to be enticing enough? do you know the struggles she’s been through to make that relationship work? Yet, you look beyond all these and decide that its either the man or no other. Wait! Just in case you did not know, Karma is a hero. Karma knows the best time to strike and it will strike you beyond your expectation.
  2. Look at the pressure to look in a particular way, be an ideal woman. Who sets such standards you and me. We have made it look like if you do not look that way then you are not beautiful enough to be in the world with the rest of us. We must not look the same way or have the same body shapes. We mustn’t be light skinned or dark skin. We are just so unique in our own ways and together we can make the world even more beautiful.
  3. That someone does not look like you expect does not mean that person isn’t unique. Stop discrimination. Stop the body shaming, jealousy and envy. Let us stop this unnecessary competitions. Just because you feel someone looks better or has better than you should not be a licence for you to hurt that person or better still live a fake life to try and meet up the trend. I am fade up with all these insults on women just because a few would not behave themselves. This is a sound off to all those women who in one way or the other try to put unnecessary pressure on others or destroy what others have. We are meant to unite to make the world a better place, rather we tear each other apart with our very hands.
  4. For women who cheat with men who are married-stop being another woman’s pain all in the name of hustling. When you know a man is in a relationship then stay away, if he wants you, he should do the right thing. We are the reason men will keep maltreating women. If he doesn’t see who to cheat with, he won’t but those that have it in their nature may use dogs😂😂😂😂but do not add to another woman’s pain.
  5. Even the way I hear or read about how women talk down on other women baffles me. Too much hate and envy for no reason. Make up your mind that you will be the change you seek and join hands together to make the world a better place.

I have decided to run a Facebook closed group for all of us, where we can discuss on what bothers us, If you would like to be part of it kindly let me know. Also join our Facebook Live Talk, every Friday, 7:30pm (London time)Enlight8

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  1. True talk, we women are our problems. You hear girls telling a married man when your wife leaving for her station cos she’s hindering me from being with u. Expecting the wife in the house to be happy with all the nonsense happening forgetting karma isn’t far away when she too eventually gets married. We should be careful the seeds we sow cos they will surely come back to us. Thank you.

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