#103. Be A Trophy Wife- Christiana Stephen

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Hope we are all doing great. I have been doing very well too. Thanks to those who have been messaging me and the chats have been wonderful. I had a very massive turn over for my last blog post and I am so excited. Thanks to you all who liked, shared, commented and even joined our community. I have been so glued to my system replying emails, I am so glad you all loved it.

Sequel to my last blog post, I have decided to talk about this topic and I hope you enjoy your read. IMG_0986

Who is the trophy wife?  a young, attractive wife regarded as a status symbol for an older man. But within this framework I want to look at the first bit of the definition which is ‘a young and attractive wife’. I love exploring topics that seem a bit complicated, so let see how well I can pull this off.

You can be that trophy wife that a man just wants to show off with at all times. You don’t have to still be young in age but can be young at heart and appearance. Men love to show off with women who are hot and considered sassy that explains why a number of them go after young, good looking women even after marriage. Men are drawn to sight. You can be the trophy wife irrespective of what he thinks of you because with that it even helps you build confidence in yourself. I will discuss way in which we can be trophy wives at all times.

  1. Eat Right: you never know how important eating is until you see the result in your body and in the way you look. Eating right does not only help you lose weight, it improves your skin and everything about you. So eat right. This is not just because of the man but because at the long run you know that you have to look after yourself.
  2. Exercise: this is a good way of keeping your youthful looks. Exercises help you in so many ways: helps you manage your weight and reduce your risk of developing diseases, it can help prevent and treat mental health problems. It can boost your well being and mood, and is a great way to unwind from the stresses of life. It also improves your skin at all times.IMG_0981
  3. Personal development: do not sit down and feel marriage is the all in all. Try to develop yourself. Improve on yourself, be useful to you and stop giving excuses for nothing. Self development is good, it helps your brain and keeps you relevant.
  4. Read: some people think reading is tasking, but reading is very good. Good books can change your impression about yourself. It can help you know what is happening around you.
  5. Keep up to date with trends: you are in the world and as such should know what is happening around you. It could be fashion, news, football or just anything. Don’t just be beautiful and fashionable, be all these with some brains.IMG_0980
  6. Try new things: you must not rule out everything in the name of motherhood. I love trying new things, it could be new healthy meal, a dance move or try a new trend invoke like hairstyles. Just do things that keep you youthful and revitalize your senses.
  7. Let go: learn to let go things that hurt you. Do not die over anything. Relax and enjoy yourself, it may hurt but holding unto it may do you more harm than good.
  8. Dress For the Occassion: this is my plea to moms, a lot of us do not spend time looking good at home, we feel it isn’t important. That is so not right. Do not wait until you are going out to look and smell good. What I do is, I have to take my bath first before even touching my kids. This means you have to learn the habit of waking up early enough to do that. Do not tie wrappers on your chest-African moms, please avoid this. It is so not nice. Clean up and look good every time. Make your man look forward to coming home to meet you neat. Let every minute be an occasion in your life. You must not wear your best clothes but dress nice.
  9. Appeal to his sight: men are captivated by what they see. Make him long for you by your APPEARANCE. Be irresistible. IMG_0984
  10. Give him surprises: find a day you can show up in his office,  a day you are free and are sure he will be on sit to surprise him. Walk into his office and stir up the atmosphere in an erotic way and then leave. When you do this, his head will spin, longing to come home and meet you.
  11. Be Creative: there’s no fast rule to romance, he his your spouse. Be creative, try new romance tips, do what you haven’t done before to him. If you need ideas,   email me: 50amazingmoms@gmail.com.

I hope we enjoyed reading this article, let us stop making excuses, instead lets spend time and improve on ourselves. Feel free to share this article to lighten people’s mood and most importantly your comments are what keeps us going. So feel free to comment and be part of this community. For Moms By Moms.


  1. Beautuful .This is a must read by all women .Thank you mom Christy you are doing a beautuful job.Love you .

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