#2. Story TIME: when your partner says you look good but your mirror says ‘no’

imageI can’t believe this is how I was and still manage to strike a pose. My husband kept telling me I was beautiful. This man hmmm, I reserve my comments. You know when your partner tells you how good you look but your mirror says something else. I can’t believe it myself. All I kept hearing was ‘my beautiful wife’, a ouch. A lot of you understand exactly what I am saying.

I knew something wasn’t right, my body told me I needed to do something. It made me try a lot of things that ended up increasing my depression. Then my mom looked at me and said ‘you need to do something’. Coming from my mom, I knew I needed to try again as hard as that sounded, it was the truth and I needed to accept it.


my brain scanned a million more things like hitting the gym, what time do I have? My life is round the clock, I am always busy even when it looks like I’m idle. Then one day I woke at about 2am, walked out of the house, took a long and lonely walk. Kept talking to myself like one who had gone crazy; I’m sure if you had walked passed me that day you’ll probably had thought so too, but no I wasn’t crazy, I was depressed, I needed a solution. There and then I decided to try just one more thing. First thing was to create a mental image of what I wanted to look like, then when I sketched that image in my mind. I was determined to work as hard as I can to achieve it.

I took up a new approach and lifestyle; one that has become incorporated into my family routine. For me, My kids, my husband, family and friends I did it. I had a lot of you in mind when I became a Guinea pig for this project.

I sent a picture of myself recently to my mom and she goes ‘what are you doing to yourself? Be careful before people will say you are suffering. Hahaha, I laughed hard because  for once she saw i had worked hard to be where I am. I am not there yet, still want to loose some more because childbirth has left me with a lot to work on. I am excited about the comments I get these days about how good I look.

That’s why I’m here to help you get back yourself.

Take that long walk, paint an image of yourself and get ready to be who you find in that image. ‘IF YOU CAN CREATE IT YOU CAN DO IT.

Be part of our community;

‘talk to us we are here and ready to help.


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