#92. The College Girl-Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,


Happy New week. I hope this letter meets you well and strong. It is my pleasure to write to you wonderful moms. First because you are special to the world and will always be irrespective of what the society thinks.

Today, I choose to make this post an opened letter. Research shows that women like to look younger than their age and so are ready to do just anything to achieve that. It is easier to accept a compliment that says – you look so young than the opposite. It is just in our nature to want to be young and hot and add spice to our marriages. Sometimes it just never happens that way because we feel we do not have enough resources to achieve this goal but thats not entirely true.


Lately I have received a lot of compliments from so many people including my husband and trust me those compliments make us feel good and I must say I felt really proud of how well I have worked and looked  after myself.

Day 1: I called for a cab and fortunately the cab guy that came is one of those guys that have carried me several times but this day was different. It was about 8pm and I was just walking out of the surgery towards him- Just then I said hello to him. To my greatest surprise I got into the cab and he told me he was there to pick up Christiana and yes I was the person. He couldn’t recognise me and the next thing he said was -You look like a college girl and everyday you keep changing. It was funny but I liked it. Looking like a college girl means looking younger than my age and innocent.


Day 2: I met a lady at the uni and we got into a conversation so I told her I had 4 kids and she needed prove to believe just because to her I don’t even look like I have got one.

Day 3: My hubby told me I could pass for a college girl because I am beginning to look younger than the girl he married. And he just doesn’t want to be left behind.

Day 4: My husband’s friends visited the house about a week ago and they were wowed at how I turned out and they just couldn’t stop going on and on about the new me.


A lot of compliments that I may not be able to write about but I am here to challenge us to change the norms. This is to all moms. That you are a mom doesn’t mean you should not look after yourself. Eat clean, exercise and stay healthy. You do not need all the money in the world to look young again. The secret is in how you look after yourself and in what you eat.

Rather than spend money on the wrong food, it is more beneficial to spend that on healthy meals. What you eat will certainly reflect in how you look.


If you haven’t started looking after yourself or paying attention to your looks- you just need to and if you have Keep going, do not stop until you reach that goal. Make yourself proud and kids happy. They want to see you healthy and beautiful. Clean up and remember in this journey the aim is to stay healthy. SO DO IT FOR YOURSELF.

I hope you loved todays read. Feel free to share, comment, like and most importantly be a part of this community. For Moms By Moms.

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  1. waoooo,this is amazing. Thanks for reaching out to other women like me.I will love to look like a college girl too #wink#

  2. Good evening Christiana, am Helen I just joined dis group tonight and I have lots of questions to ask. (1) I’ve got four kids am in my late 20s , buh am looking so old, my tummy is as big as a nine month old pregnancy and is really affecting my sexual life.( 2) is family planning ideal? Pls I really need help cos my hubby sees me like an old fashion.

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