#1.50 amazing moms with Christiana Stephen 1: The journey is set to begin

How I use to be and how I am now…



Hello Moms,

it feels good to know that I have a lot of you taking part in this project. Yes! I am super excited and optimistic as well, I hope you are too. Thank you for wanting to participate in this journey and I am looking forward to it.

Boom, today I have decided to show you how I use to be and how I am now. To talk you through all the things you need to begin this journey and how happy you will be at the end of the day. being a mom is challenging and the last thing you think is hitting the gym. Trust me, I have tried to many times and still haven’t succeeded in doing that. No time because there is always something to do.

so today there are few things that have brought me this far.

  1. determination: i told myself irrespective of who is in support I was going to be healthy and stay healthy. fitting into a size 10 dress for me from a 16 is a great achievement and i am happy with the person i have become. loosing few inches in some parts of our bodies as moms is what i am sure a lot of us desire and so i want to urge you to stay determined all through this journey not because i say so but because i am sure you will be glad you did.
  2. motivation: you need to think of what your drive is, why do you really want to loose weight? yeah for me gaining so much weight after childbirth made me loose a lot of confidence and this caused me so much depression until i decided to do something about it. i felt so flappy, i was no longer who i was and like a number of you i felt exactly how you feel right now. so think of what your drive is and each time you want to give up on yourself always remember what motivates you.
  3. discipline: oh dear, you need a lot of it to stay healthy. start making up your mind to stay disciplined and i will share with you how i have been able to stay disciplined all the way.
  4. habits: these are things that define us a lot of times and many weight issues are related to bad habits. get ready to get reed of these habits and replace them with good ones.
  5. focus: its a journey that may be fast for some and slow for some but remember no pregnancy is that same so getting back to shape is peculiar to you. stay focused on you and keep your self motivated.

these are some of the things that has kept me. there’s a video  coming soon on my youtube channel. check it out!!!

up next: replacing your habits

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  1. This is really wonderful, congrats to you. That was a huge one but I need to know if you could help me slim down without visiting the gym but with a home exercise and making a food habit plan for me

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