#157. Raise the Bar, it’s 2019!

Happy New Year Lovelies,


It’s 2019 and my wish for all of US is that we will all have a fruitful, Outstanding and Beautiful Year.

I am not a person who sets out resolutions for new years, I believe changes in life should be made daily and consistently. The issue with setting resolutions and high expectations in a new year is that, when it does not go accordingly, it could leave us in a place of depression. So, in my opinion, make daily, gradual changes and be consistent in them. Then, you’ll find life becoming a lot more easy for you.

What do you think? In all honesty, there are lots of things we have no control over. If God does not do them, then they can’t be done.

Meanwhile, the last year, I gradually introduced my kids to better way of eating healthy without getting fuzzy. We will get to discuss that in detail. For now, relax and have a WONDERFUL DAY.

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