#141. My Chicken Honey Grill Recipe- Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,


‘Just because it’s Saturday let’s try something new. I call it chicken honey grill.


1. oil 2 cloves garlic

2. Chicken wings, you can use chicken breast or skinless chicken which is a lot more healthy.

3. spinach leaves

4. Honey to taste

5. Garlic if you can stand the smell
1. Make a paste out of your honey, garlic, add salt spinach leaves( nicely chopped), you can spice it up but that is optional.

2. Apply your paste round your chicken thoroughly and evenly

3. Keep for 10mins to season

4. Put in the oven and allow to grill until fully cooked, then serve.


I hope you like this, let me know what you make out of this  recipe. Kindly follow for more updates.

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