You need A Wellness Coach

Frustrated about no progress in your weight loss journey? Stuck in one weight for too long? Tried many diets,teas,tabs no result?

I understand and I have been there. Not knowing your body type makes it difficult to know what nutrition & exercise is right for you.

As a trained wellness coach, I have worked with thousands of Mothers, 80% of Black African moms with a track record of great reviews, feedbacks and results.

My Wellness Coaching Training is focused and detailed to you and your goals. Guiding you through your limiting beliefs until you achieve your results.

Our Services

A support system [1]

A detailed Meal plan [2]

Portion control training [3]

Exercise Regime [4]

Achieved goal [5]

One off payment but flexible [6]

Diastasi Recti testing and tightening

12 coaching sessions runs through 12weeks

You can get in touch for payment details

£30 per session, £350 per 12 weeks

Wherever you are get in touch for payment details

CONTACT NUMBER – +44 7376057163





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