#.117. Our Healthy Mommies Hub 7 Begins 1st November- Christiana Stephen

A lot of moms have been asking what you stand to gain when you join our closed group. So I have decided to discuss this in details.

Our Closed Group offers you a chance to be part of a community that is focused on helping you achieve your weight loss goals. A great team that will monitor and help track your progress as well as be a support engine for your day to day life. Meet Like minds from all over the world with a click away make lasting friendships.
Yummy Meal plans and challenges: Our Yummy Meal Plans are structured to make the process fun and interesting. Detailed to your specific needs but aimed to aid you loose pounds within a specific period.
Personal Branding: under our personal branding we teach you what to wear in any occasion whether work, interviews, formal or informal. A sparkling look that will make you stand out any where you go and at any time.
Wardrobe: we take a look at your wardrobe and advice you on what will best suit your skin tone
Makeup: We teach you how to apply the best makeup for any occasion from vintage to bridal, day or smoky look
We are very vast in the fashion and beauty world; so expect to get the best out of our fashion and beauty team
Personal Stylist
Home Exercises
Friendly discussion
Baby Routine, Pregnancy Guide, Support through Pregnancy and new mommy blues
Health Advice

1. Help you loose weight in the shortest possible time
2. Teach you how to keep off weight
3. We constantly trick your body with different meals and activities to achieve your goals
4. We offer more than 6 meals plans during this duration to guide you through out the year
5. We support you through this phase
6. Teach you how to care for your skin
7. Turn your body into a fat burning machine
8. Teach you the secret of weight loss
9. Be your support and guide all through your journey
10. Focus on your entire well being to enhance your productivity and efficiency
In a challenging world we all need a shoulder and a team to help us through. It’s a community For Moms By Moms…

Interested? there’s still a 20% discount offer last till 11th October to be part of our community. Email: 50amazingmoms@gmail.com or call +447376057163…IMG_2811.JPG


  1. Kudos to the great ideas you give and you always do justice to every topic discussed.keep up the good work. I am interested in the upcoming November challenge.

  2. Hello dear, tnks for the good work you are doing. av bn reading u r write up now they are wonderful.  How do I join the WhatsApp group.  Tnks 

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