#106. I’m Having Baby Number 5: My Chronicle

Hello Moms,

Thanks for rushing here to read this post, thank you so much I truly appreciate your support. So recently I’ve been thinking of what it will be like to have baby number 5 and I decided regardless of what people think I will go ahead. Besides, children are gifts from God and they can be so adorable to have around. Usually before I post anything, I always share the topic with hubby, but this one i just refused to before he freaks out. The best place for him to see it is on my blog.

My Baby Number 5 has been well planned out in my head and I am so happy. Did I tell you it’s going to be another boy. Yippie, I’m not a fan of male children but for some reason my quiver is full of them.

How I planned out my baby number 5.


After I had my first son right at the hospital, it was a matter of life and death and I asked God to spare our lives. In that theatre, I made a vow to God that if He spares our lives, I will do something very huge and here is how the idea of baby number 5 came.

Sometimes we make a vow to God in desperation, when He keeps his part of the deal we just act non challant about our side of the deal. If you find yourself doing that please stop it. God is too big to be taken for granted.

SO for me each time I make a vow to God, I try to keep it. Let it not be because God is merciful, I will now take Him for granted. I am not going to do that, so permit me to be very spiritual today.

Did I tell you that With all my kids, I have a clear vow with God that I have tried to keep and this is one of those vows. Teach God how to trust you, keep to your words. Even if it is baby steps, help Him trust you with little then the big will come.

Baby number 5 was supposed to be a girl child but somehow it’s going to be a boy. I vowed to adopt a child if God spares Davian and I on the 15th May 2014. His birth was traumatic very scary. I thought I was never going to be alive and he came out flat. It took the doctors hours to bring him back. 3 years down the line, we are still alive telling the story.

I have prayed to be able to keep this vow , praying on who this child will be, he came my way just like that. I am so happy to finally adopt a son. I spoke with the mom and she was glad about it. Although he’ll be with his mama but he his as much as hers and he is mine. I am super happy to finally adopt a child. It’s always a lengthy process but it’s completed now.

Una try well well (Nigerian voice). So you think I wanted to say I’m pregnant again. Kai! I’m sure I caught you there. Anyway, a child is a child, whether born of me or not, my 5th child is here to stay.

Thanks for stopping By to read my blabs, I truly appreciate. Feel free to like, share, comment and most especially be a part of this community. For Moms By Moms😍


  1. You did catch me there!Kai! You wrote this well well😀
    Congrats on adding baby no.5.It is a bold step for many..Well Done!

  2. You did catch me there!kai!You wrote this well well.😀
    Congrats on having a baby n0 5.It’s a bold step for many.
    Well done.

  3. Whao. You got me.pls go ahead for the Lord will strengthen you to do the needful for him. I love you more.

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