#74. Looking Good isn’t pride but SelfLove- Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,

 Stop feeling Guilty For Loving yourself, it is in that you can love others –

Christiana Stephen

I love to write what you love to read and if there is anything you really want to see in this blog, feel free to suggest. Looking good is good business and i hear people say that a lot but I think it goes beyond good business, it is a sign of self love.

You know a lot of times we think we just have to look good for someone else that should not be the drive. You should look good because you love yourself and are well able to look after yourself.


When you step out of your home, a lot of people are secretly looking at you, some admiring and the others judging. That is the world we live in so relax and hear me out. I use to think it was all about the society but no I have realize that it is more about me than anyone else. Looking good goes beyond what you wear, it involves every little thing that about you. It involves looking after yourself, what you eat, what you drink, who you let into your life and what you permit.

We sometimes think we do not have rights over ourselves so we let just anything happen to and around us. Let us take a moment and look at how we can love ourselves by looking good.


  1. Eating right: I am a preacher of healthy lifestyle and I won’t stop talking about this. This is no dieting, I mean a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and at the right time. What you eat will certainly reveal in your looks and skin. If you eat the right things you will get all the benefits of it.
  2. Dressing well: some of us just feel dressing means putting on heels and conforming but before then dressing should be determined by where you go as a mom I have realized that it is quite difficult for me to wear certain things not because I do not love them but because I consider how many times i will have to run around my kids in public so i always go for things that are comfortable.
  3. Make up:Most of us are not so detailed about how we wear our makeup and some of us forbid it bu well that is entirely your choice. But i think you should add some glowing to your skin

If you love yourself you will pay attention to every detail of your life, you will know yourself well enough to know what works for you. You will also be able to decide who you let into your life. Self love is as important as loving others. Do not forget that you really cannot give what you do not have. So try and express yourself to you and gain the reward.

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