#61. General Well-Being & a Healthy Lifestyle…

Hello Moms,

Written By Christiana Stephen

‘In the midst of these hard times it is our good health and good sleep that are enjoyable’.

–Knute Nelson


Today we are going to take a break from our usual strange looking smoothies (extremely beneficial smoothies) and talk about how a healthy lifestyle can reflect on our general well being.

The aim of this write up is to explore how the life we live can affect our overall well being So the question is what kind of life are you living? what do you value most- health or money? are you thinking of ways to improve on your lifestyle for the sake of your health?

According to Schuller and Watson (2009) growing evidence from the new science of well-being suggests that people derive enjoyment and fulfilment from a number of different factors, this implies that we are all different and as such what makes us happy differ. The study of Schuller and Watson shows that leading a satisfying life certainly involves a steady and adequate income, but researchers have shown that money alone is not enough. The question now remains apart from money what else really matter.

The clear truth is that a lot of us value our health so much so that we are very capable of doing just about anything to stay healthy. Here are some of the tips to help us stay healthy

  1. Quit the competition: some people just can’t stand others success and as a result of that we put ourselves through unnecessary pressure by competing regardless of the impact it makes in our health. We are all different and as such cannot have similar road in life. There is no point trying to be someone else when you are unique and whole as a person
  2. Quit the Procrastination: if you have to do something, do it now. stop pushing it till the next day and on and on. Always make sure you do what you have to do when you have to do. with this you reduce the pressure on your health.
  3. Reward Yourself: i can never stop talking about the impact of rewarding yourself. You deserve that treat so give yourself
  4. Do not take anything personal: that your spouse or boss or whoever is having a bad day shouldn’t make you kill yourself. Its their day so let them deal with it. Even when they take it out on you do not let it affect the way you feel about yourself.
  5. Stay Positive: always try to stay positive irrespective of the situation on ground
  6. Do not try to change everything: you don’t necessarily have to give yourself the task of changing everything. people who try to change everything only end up denying themselves of a happy day. Some things can not just be changed so try to live with it by putting it aside
  7. Get A Talk therapy: we offer this to all the moms on our closed group. You will find this very useful. Talking to a trusted friend and letting all the pain go is important to your well being
  8. Sleep 8 hours a day: as hard as it seems it is recommended for all of us to sleep at least 8 hrs a day
  9. Drink plenty of water: 8 glasses a day wouldn’t hurt. always stay hydrated

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