#61. What living with toddlers is like…

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Written By Christiana Stephen


Did I mention that I officially have 4 toddlers. Oh my! no one ever told me toddlers can be this way. I have a 3 year old, a 2 year old and twin 1 year old babies. Now I can boldly write about the experience and hope I am not alone in this.

Toddlers have almost similar traits and here are the ones I have observed so far

Scattered House: i just wonder why they love scattering everywhere. Probably in their little minds scattering simply means being a genius (Sarcasm). My kids especially my 1year old twin boys love moving things around and if you are like me one advice-do not be too particular about a scattered house. as long as the house is clean and free of all dangerous things then be my guest and scatter as you wish.


Jealousy: Toddlers always want to have the same things. Irrespective of what it is if i have to buy it has to be bought for all and in a situation where i can afford 4 items at the same time, i literally become a preacher- all i scream all day is learn to share, sharing is good, share with your brother and all what not. Goodness gracious! one minute the act like the understand what it means to share and the next you find them fighting again

Fights: did i tell you that i have automatically become very excellent at separating fights. Why they fight? i really can’t say. over just anything like -Davian that’s my seat or Michelle give me my iPad, leave that the bubble is mine. this is unbelievable, fighting? for no reason is amazing.

Tantrums: toddlers and tantrums are two and the same. just pray they don’t throw their tantrums outside making you look like a bad mother who cannot raise her kids properly. Whoever judges a mother because a child throws public tantrums just doesn’t understand what having a toddler feels like.


Me: Michelle, what’s wrong with you?

Michelle: I am just crying

Me: Why are you crying?

Michelle: I am just crying like this (she cries loud for me to hear)

Me: I know you are crying but why?

Michelle: because i am just crying

that is the typical conversation between my 3year old daughter and I.

Even if I was told what it feels like to live with toddlers now I understand exactly what it feels like.

Please share your experiences, I really want to know if my case is normal.

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  1. Great job dear. You are indeed an amazing mom.
    I’m Peggy from Ghana.
    I have a four year old Toddler
    And she is also the same. 😁😁😁😁

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