#60. Being A Mom Shouldn’t Stop You…

Hello Moms,

Written by Christiana Stephen

‘A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts’

Washington Irving


Happy New Month to you and yours. It feels really good to be here today with you. Today is the official opening of our closed group- the healthy mommies Hub. This is to appreciate all they moms that have signed up for this, we are really excited to be part of your journey.

I have thought deeply on what to write today. Some days I find out that I can write a million and one things without much stress but today isn’t of those days but I will strive to make this simple and presentable for all of us. The topic today is one that I find interesting and I am going to be sharing few tips with you. Also feel free to contribute and let us know how you have been able to sustain yourself as a mom.

Being a mom is a very interesting aspect of life. Although it freaks a lot of people out, I find it to be the most rewarding thing. What does it mean to be a mom? You are a mom if you have given birth to a child or are a carer of a child (foster and godmother). So this is to all of us the very special people who selflessly increase the world.

Being a mom has taught me a lot of lessons that I wouldn’t have learnt elsewhere, this relates to almost all of us if not all. So if you think you are super careful and patient, waith until you have a toddler (laughing so had). We tend to learn daily.  For some of us it creates a unique feeling that no one else can comprehend one of which is the feeling of watching your child grow from a toothless grin to a protector and most cases a provider. Motherhood is not as easy as our moms made us believe and we probably make our kids believe its easy because we try to play everything down even when it hurts so bad.

I never understood the feeling until the very first day i held my yummy little girl Michelle, Oh that is an irreplaceable feeling, the joy was unbearable, wanting to cry when she cries and all what not and today I am a mom of 4 kids with different likes, dislikes and personality traits. So yes! motherhood is sweet and shouldn’t stop us from achieving all we set out to achieve.


Motherhood makes me feel more inspired and more motivated. when i look at my kids the need to succeed becomes stronger because I have people who look up to me, people who depend on me and people who love me regardless. You may not know but our kids are a great source of inspiration, I can write a whole book on being a mom.

Because of them I also think of ways to improve on myself, I try to do things they will be proud of, look my best at every given opportunity, stay happy and positive at all times even when it is so had. I aim for the top because i know little eyes are constantly watching and secretly asking ‘mommy why?



How I cope as a mom, a full time researcher, a blogger and a nutrition couch is what I will like to share with you.

  1. Get Help if you must, stop acting like you have it all in control. It isn’t so easy so always learn to ask for help when you can
  2. Create a workable routine for yours kids: study your children and know how to structure them. do not let your kids structure your time even if you have just one. always try to have a grip of the task. Kids should have bed time, nap time, play time etc. i personally can’t stand seeing kids playing at 9pm. The pain is that if you do not structure their day, you will work round the clock and you will always be exhausted especially of you do not have help.
  3. Go on a walk: walking stimulates your brain as well as being a form of exercise. I find walking very useful at all times.
  4. Reward yourself: people who know me know I love rewards especially the ones i give myself.
  5. look after yourself: don’t say because i am a mom i should go out there looking all worn out. that’s not acceptable. care for your body, your nails, your hair. you just have to stay clean and neat. You don’t need to climb on a heals to be a lady. no matter what you wear make sure it looks presentable and comfortable.
  6. Do the things you love: do not deny yourself of the positive things that keep you happy and motivated
  7. cry if you must: crying isn’t a sign of weakness. don’t bottle up pain and fears, share them. We are always here if you need anyone to talk to.

We understand what it means to be a mom and the anxiety it brings, we have decided to run a closed group to enable moms share, interact, learn and stay motivated as moms. We have also put in place activities to help each of us feel relaxed and most importantly live a healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in joining this closed group, kindly send a message to 50amazingmoms@gmail.com or call 07376 057163. Get a chance to loose weight in a friendly environment with like-minds from all parts of the world.

Smoothie Content

1 Avocado

1 banana

2 Kiwis

I Mango

Almond Milk

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