#35. Yippie!!Our 1 Month Meal challenge ends in 2days

Hello Moms,


Quite interesting to know that we have 2 more days to the end of our one month meal challenge. I hope you all will send your reviews in. you can write your review on our Facebook page, there’s a column there for you to. We will appreciate hearing from you on how it all went. Remember a lot of people need to hear your feedback to be motivated.

You can also send your reviews to our email address if you want 50amazingmoms@gmail.com. People have started sending in their before and after pictures so kindly send yours in. Remember at the end of this month you stand to win a price. Everyone has something, all we need is to read from you.

For those who have constantly shared our updates we really appreciate you and we have a close tab on you, don’t stop, keeping sharing one day you will win a price from us sooner than you imagine


If you like what we are doing, kindly follow, comment, share and like our page. Its a community for all of us.



  1. Please, I just started with you and I get this update about the one month meal challenge which will be ending in 2 days, and am interested to know all about it so I can do mine. Can you help me with that. Thanks alot.

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