#209. Expensive Running Shoes, Are They Worth the Attention?

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As many of you will know I’ve been taking some time off of the usual daily LIVES that take place on our Facebook page on everything from relationship advice, to live workouts, but many of you don’t know for why.

Don’t worry! I will be back very soon! In the mean time there are tons of LIVES you can rewatch on our community Facebook Page, 50 Amazing Moms With Dr. Christiana Stephen.

I’ve begun diving down the rabbit hole of running as a form of exercise, rather than my usual HIIT, cardio drills, and I wanted to share a sneak peak of the things I will be sharing with you coming into August.


I feel as though running in general is frowned upon by many, I always hear the phrase ‘No I don’t run’, or ‘No I can’t run’, when really the majority of us are more than capable of running! I think the negative connotations come from our memories of being forced to run at school when we were children, and sadly this experience has been enough to put many of us off of this form of exercise for life! Despite the fact that running is so different to what is was then!

You have full control of how far you run, and for how long; what weather you run in, and even what song you listen to. This is your chance to claim your running relationship back! I’ve found the whole experience so far incredibly spiritual and reflective, I use my time running as a time for me – Away from my hectic lifestyle!

I’m now at the point that I feel I can call myself a ‘runner’, not only because I’ve been doing it on nearly a daily basis, but I’ve also taken time to learn the skill and research all externalities.


This is why I feel like it is time to invest in a great pair of running shoes. This is the two things you and I both need to consider when shopping:

1) Price

The amount you spend on your trainers is completely personal. For me, when I say invest I say it because I see running trainers as a tool to achieve my personal goals. It is thought that running trainers have a life expectancy of around 300-500 miles depending on where and how you run. That is a long time! So when this is compared to a monthly gym membership of anywhere from £15-£40, or the likes of Zumba classes that are £10 each, running really is one of the cheapest sports out there.


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2) Fit

To lower the risk of injury, finding the right category of running shoe for yourself is crucial. This was the trickiest part of my research; it easily became way too complex rather than helpful at times.

So in simple, there are 3 types of feet:

Neutral Arch: This is the most common type of foot that means your feet land in a healthy and maintainable way. The popular shoe type for Neutral Arch’s is one focused on stability.

Flat Arch: This is where your feet roll inwards as you run, also known as overpronate. A great shoe for this issue is one that is created for motion control.

High Arch: This is where the feet don’t roll in enough on impact – they underpronate. For this type of characteristic your feet need to be in cushioning trainers.

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