#202. 13 Top Benefits of Exercises for Children- Dr. Christiana Stephen

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So we launched our Kid’s Live workout and Kid’s Zone. This is inspired by my children’s workout routines and what I have learnt during these long periods.

I have four children and I got a glimpse of exercise benefits for children when my first was 3. At that point my second was 2 and my twin babies were super tiny. The first day I took them to the gym to learn martial arts, they were the smallest but I am glad because the Sensei was good at engaging with them. Years have passed and my kids have grown stronger and flexible and I am super proud of how far they have come. I also pay attention to their eating as both exercise and food go together Here is what my kids eat to stay fit.

In case you are still struggling whether or not to let your child exercise, here are some benefits I have noticed in my kids and what impact working out has done for them.

There are many benefits of why children should exercise daily, your child won’t just notice the benefits and changes but you will too. Benefits for children exercising:

  1. Help strengthen their bones and muscles
  2. Increases children’s self-confidence and belief
  3. Teaches them the importance of exercise
  4. Helps keep their mental state of mind healthy
  5. Your child will be less likely to become overweight
  6. Exercise will reduce the risk of your child developing type 2 diabetes
  7. Children will have better outlook on life
  8. Making new friends
  9. leadership skills
  10. Positive behaviour
  11. Trying out new sports and activities
  12. Learning new skills
  13. Positive attitude
My second is 6, he is a super active child with so much strength and stamina. He does his chores like a grown up because of the stamina he has built over time. He does Swimming, Kick boxing, football and a very confident Bic riderA489454A-B981-48E6-ABDA-6BCEB8DDEC47
My twin boys are 4, they are so good with cardio based workouts and gradually getting stronger with their kicks. They also do kick boxing.989D2CFF-46E9-4A78-8DFE-F3400638964B
During this lock down, exercises have helped with their mental health and also insomnia. It was tough to get them staying up and so dad and I decided to add workouts 4 days a week. That has worked magic completely and I will recommend you try.

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