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It’s another Saturday with our weekly beauty and fashion care tips. One of the biggest harms in the stage of motherhood is the skin. With the arrival of the baby at home, and even more so when there are more children, it is difficult to find time to devote to ourselves and that causes us to put aside daily routines, such as taking care of our skin. This should not be the case.

You have to take care of the skin of the face at all stages of life. Since adolescence, dermatologists recommend starting proper skin care to avoid complications and skin diseases in the future. Nobody can tell you that skin products at a young age will damage it or cause wrinkles, on the contrary! Go to the dermatologist and he will indicate the appropriate products for your skin type, age and need. After all, who wouldn’t like to be 40 years with a radiant skin? I think we all do want to radiate at old age.

First you and then the rest… For many moms it is justifiable to be busy, sometimes so busy that they think about the right time to take a bath and not even think about being able to do a simple routine of facial care, that is, the evil of a mother is “The lack of time”. Lack of time due to not very conciliatory schedules, lack of time because there is still a lot to do of the daily routine, lack of time because all the responsibilities must be fulfilled. Unfortunately, we cannot have more than 24 hours a day and that lack of time also affects the perception of our beauty.  Most women’s looks and appearances have actually changed for the worse as they became moms. Apart from the hormonal changes, the stress, the chaos, the cares as well as the inability to manage our time effectively.

You must feel good from the inside to look better from the outside

True beauty is how we feel and it often comes from within. It is important to know how to work our self-esteem to feel better, that in the end, is what will make us have a more positive perception of our beauty.

  • What we think affects how we feel. Sometimes without realizing it, we have a negative dialogue with ourselves on a daily basis, the things we say to ourselves becomes a very critical aspect that shapes how we feel about our bodies.

There are many women who do not recognize themselves in front of the mirror and there are many who have stopped using it, because of lack of self-care.

  • Self-care:  Taking care of yourself is important, dedicating our time, making plans for us and taking care of ourselves.
  • Beauty is part of the care and we do not have to justify ourselves. Beauty is day by day, not because you spend a few minutes with yourself and have a good image means that you are a selfless mother and do not care about yours. The fatal error of society.
  • If I want, I am able to love. If I take care of myself, I am capable of caring.

There is one super important thing to remember, once you love yourself and are able to take care of yourself without feeling guilty, you will take better care of others. Therefore, nothing has to limit you! As you take care of your family, children, home, daily tasks and work you should take care of yourself. Remember that you are the best letter of introduction and example for your children, when they are still very young, they may not understand but with time, they begin to relate and reason, they will see you as an empowered woman that besides doing a thousand things for them, is also capable of loving herself.FD25C8BB-7297-40C3-97A3-52C7A2CE56B1

Superheros exist in movies, in real life, we are all humans who deserve love and care. 

So, the issue of caring for your skin, health, and body is not a matter of banality, it is what will reflect on your children and the world! In addition to this, you also set example for them to follow. If you already thinking of changing your mind regrading self care, thanks to this motivation. Here are some basic tips to achieve your skin care goals:

Contrary to what we think, the daily skin care routine does not have to take much time. Once the basic steps are automated, it can be carried out in just a couple of minutes. One major mistake to avoid- Never go to bed without getting your face properly cleaned. Even if you do not use a drop of makeup, wash your face because the during the day, we rub our hands through our face, the pollution of the environment and sweat, although sometimes imperceptible, promote the accumulation of impurities that accumulate on our face and produce signs of premature aging in addition to bad appearance to the skin. So from now on, propose with me to change your habits.

The 8 basic steps to take care of the skinSimple, fast and easy, the 8 steps of skin care that should be done daily. It seems a lot, but as I said at the beginning, once they internalize they do not take more than 5 minutes and nevertheless the benefits for the skin last for years.

  1. Make-up removing eyes and lips

There are various products that instantly remove makeup. The presentations are diverse but the preferred ones are Balsamo (melting) more quickly and effectively until the darkest lip color and remove even the most pigmented shade. Another widely used option is the biphasic presentation because it contains oil that easily removes eye and lip makeup.

  1. Clean the face

The cleanser can be in presentation of cleansing milk, gel, cream or dermatological soap. Use a pad or cotton ball and make upward movements to remove any residue as they activate the microcirculation of the skin. In the case of dermatological soap, you should lather your hands and then pass them through the moist face in circular and ascending movements to obtain better circulation. Cleaning is necessary even if we do not use make-up and should be done day and night.

  1. Micellar water

It is a must that should not be lacking in a routine, it is the cherry of the cake because after washing your face you will need to pass this water with tiny micelles that drag even the slightest trace of impurity or dirt that has remained on your skin. Take cotton or pad and pass it gently, and in ascending motions. Do not contain alcohol or fragrance so it is ideal for any skin type.

  1. Tonic

The tonic complements the cleansing because it restores the pH of the skin and favors the absorption of the products that are applied later. The usual thing is to apply the tonic drawing circles with a cotton ball and then make small touches with the fingertips to make pressure on the skin and activate the microcirculation. Another more effective option is to apply it directly on the palms of your hands and rub them to heat the product. Always remember to have clean hands before beginning your beauty routine.

  1. Eye contour

The skin around the eyes requires extra care because it is finer and more delicate. The eye contour is applied near the skin in the bone that surrounds the eye. In the lower eyelid should only be applied just below the eyebrow avoiding the mobile eyelid. Depending on the objective sought, it is applied in two different ways:

  • To attenuate or prevent wrinkles: Apply to the bone of the orbit and extend it with the ring finger by making small touches from the lacrimal to the temple (from inside to outside), to stimulate the skin.
  • To remove the bags under the eyes. It is best to apply it with the ring finger and small touches from outside to the tear, to drain and drain the accumulated fluid.

The product used in the eye area must be of specific use for this area. It can be in presentation in cream or serum.

  1. Serum

The serum is a product that we usually forget and that is essential for the skin, because, unlike the moisturizer, it reaches the deepest layers of the skin and has different ingredients that will give your skin more vitality and luminosity. It is applied with light pressures and upward movement throughout the face.

  1. Cream day or night.

In the morning and at night you should apply hydrating cream. The hydration of the skin helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Day cream protects the skin from external agents (weather, pollution). Therefore, it is important to have a sun protection factor.

The night cream repairs the damages produced by the day helps to regenerate the tissues and to prevent wrinkles, sagging and dark spots. Both creams should be applied from the inside out, with small touches.

  1. Sunscreen

It can never be missing and you must not forget it! In the morning apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving and during the day you can apply it every 4 or 6 hours. If you are going to stay in the house but you use a cell phone or computer a lot, you should also use it because the light emitted by these devices contribute to damaging the skin. 5655DB77-3214-4960-9F20-1FF598168BEB

 Take care of the skin inside and out- The Inside Out Approach

It is important to take it into account, not only must we take care of our skin with creams and magic lotions. It is essential that our diet is balanced, drink water (8 glasses a day) so that our body synthesizes all the nutrients and water provided and reflects it in our skin

  • Red fruits.

Yes, it is important that you include red fruits in your diet because they contain a large amount of antioxidants (vitamin C), perfect for combating free radicals that cause premature aging. In addition, they are rich in flavonoids that are responsible for preventing cell destruction and aging.

  • Green juices help you detoxify.

They will provide hydration and energy in your day to day. They contain high amount of antioxidants, vitamins and flavonoids. The mix of fruits and vegetables are endless and are your choice.

  • The salads are tasty and easy to prepare.

For lunch or dinner, alone or accompanied with some protein, you should not miss any food of the week. You can make a green salad (avocado, lettuce, cucumber, spinach, chard) seasoned with olive oil and to make it more nutritious you can add almonds, pine nuts or some dried fruit. Do you want color? You can add it, tangerine, apple, peach or strawberry. Be creative while improving your diet!

  • Eat protein.

The protein helps increase muscle mass, creates new tissues and that helps tone, increases volume and improves the appearance of your skin.

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