#139. Humanity- Christiana Stephen

Hello MOMS,

This just struck me and I decided to pin it down. Internet has a way of saving your data. 0BE8EFC9-3086-4B07-BFFB-7F06E8C94344

We fall so easily
We become too vulnerable
Bad has become the new Good
We get so carried away with things that don’t matter and let go of things that do

This age and time scares me
A time when nudity gets a million likes and decency gets none
A time when evil trends and good has no reward
Honesty is for fools, smart dudes win the pool

An age when we are fast to learn the bad
Adopt immorality as a norm
A way of life, I must say
Anything different, you are a dullard

Don’t tell me it has always been this way
As a child, innocence was pure
We could play with neighbors,
Run in the rain naked, eat at our uncle’s place
It was truly people looking out for others

We had our struggles but not like now
When neighbors are strangers
Uncles are rapist, aunties abusers,
bathing naked? There’s fear for peadophile

These days we are quick to shame people
Bad news travels faster than anything else
Nudity is the new fashion, you dare to speak against?
It only means you are jealous

Lie is the new truth
Fake the new real
Culture seem twisted
No one looking out for the other
We all are fronting our course
A time when skin color gives you access not your abilities or personality

Oh! What a time when raising a child is more difficult
You say one WORD the world says a thousand
You are constantly installing and uninstalling information in your child’s brain
Not the age I wanted for them

No…My age Black and White were just colors
But now, a way to spite people

Do I hope it gets better? Yes
Do I desire it does? Yes
Is it going to change? I don’t know
But I believe it can change when we come together and redefine the essence of HUMANITY.

Christiana Stephen (c), 2018
Life and Wellness Coach

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  1. This captures the challenge of the modern age. With people like you coming on board, majority of these issues could be addressed. I am optimistic that with God’s divine intervention, the situation will change for good. Thanks for the insight.

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