138. The Everyday Woman-Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,


I am of the opinion that every woman can look and be her best when she puts her mind to it. Most times mothers get so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of motherhood and become more focus in raising a home and her children that she forgets herself.

Here we are, it’s never going to be less busy, or less tasking but you have to put your mind to becoming that you truly admire and want to be.

Today I celebrate this beautiful woman, she says I inspire her but she in turn inspires me a great deal. She’s a mother of 5. Yes! 5, she’s an everyday woman just like you and me, with great responsibilities. But she doesn’t in anyway look like what she’s been through. Gorgeous is an understatement, for a mother of 5, she is stunning and an amazing woman.0EF6D075-371D-4D20-ACB6-2438EE4DC937

I can go on and on about her and how thrilled I am when I see a mother redefine herself, thrive to look her best regardless of the task. It is difficult that I know, however, just because you have children doesn’t mean you should let yourself go.

I have said this a thousand times and will repeat it again motherhood is not a reason to complain and be less, it’s a reason to thrive.

I am a mother, so my body should look this way or that is a norm we aim to change.

Today is your birthday my pretty, I pray that your labor will not be in vain, God will enhance your beauty and make you stand out.

Join me celebrate an Amazing Mom, one of the behind the scene drivers of the 50 Amazing Moms Project, Mrs. Rossy Ijeoma. I Love You 💕


Dr. Christiana Stephen
Life and Wellness Coach
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