#107. Don’t Blame it on Your Parents 

Hello Moms,

I had a conversation with someone and honestly I almost puked. This person was on and on about how her parents brought her up, so many derogatory words and I managed to listen to the end of the conversation. After she finished I asked if I could speak, the truth is it isn’t every time people want to hear you speak. Sometimes they just want to be heard. And she was gladly interested in listening to my opinion and here’s how I dropped itimg_3968

It beats me how a lot of grown ups will tie their excesses to how their parents brought them up. I see this as an excuse to be foolish. After 18, you become an adult and are responsible for your choices and the decisions you make in life.

Whether or not you think your parents didn’t bring you up well enough, you are now responsible for yourself. In my opinion there’s actually no perfect parent and so no parent brings up a child perfectly. All I hear is my dad beats my moms so I grew up seeing that, my mom was loud mouth so i ended up a loud mouth.

Quit the flimsy excuse and be in charge of your decisions. Develop your life the way you think they should have done. It is never too late. Do not spend your entire life blaming your parents about your misfortunes, cut them some slack. img_3961

Maybe before now I wouldn’t have understood but now I understand that parenting is difficult. I’m faced with different thoughts of how to manage 4 personalities daily. No one rule fits all in my home. Everyday I switch a million times over. From my Sanguine Michelle to my Choleric Davian, down to my extremely difficult Melancholic/ phlegmatic Deitrich and Derrick. Some days I just get confused as to who to do what for.

Then after all my working round the clock to understand them, a child will wake up and say my mom didn’t bring me up well. That is a very unfair thing to say about your parents.

Parents are doing so much to make sure you come out well. Even after you are grown and can pray for yourself they pray constantly for you. Quit the excuses and also stop blaming parents for other people’s excesses. Let them be responsible for themselves as adults. Together we can change the world for the better.

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  1. nice one.we are all responsible for our life and d type of choices we mk.thanks.

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