#98. The Power In You- Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,


Happy new week to us all. I hope you had a good weekend. Thanks to all the moms who sent in their topics. I was amazed at how many responses I got from you all with very interesting topics to explore. I am researching on most of the topics and will make sure I bring it on so we all have a read and be able to learn something from it.

Lately I have been trying to capture my thoughts about life and how uncertain tomorrow is, I have been thinking so hard and trying to understand why we wait so long before we do what is expected of us.img_0431

What we truly want to do. Walking down to my study room I realize that life is full of choices and with these choices we have to make a thousand of them daily. Choose what and what not to. Choice between good and bad, good and better and so on. We wake up to face these choices every day of our lives. Very interesting to see that life gives us such powers to choose and make decisions just about anything. We have power to do a lot of things, power to change the norms, power to be extra-ordinary, power to be different.Sadly sometimes we do not even know how powerful we are and fail to maximize this power. That explains why we end up doing just about anything, we end up letting life throw us towards any direction, when we can actually decide. There is so much power within us, believe me, we are so powerful and can actually channel this towards doing the right things and things that are beneficial to us. Things that add more value to us, rather than spend it on frivolous things. So today we will discuss some of the things we can do with the power within. The power GOD has generously given to us.

  1. Love Selflessly: Love is so unique and you require some sort of power to love selflessly. Love yourself, your spouse, your kids, family, friends etc. Why do we wait so long to show we actually care. We are not promised tomorrow, so why don’t we make today count? We wait too long to say those words, Words that can build the walls. We wait only to end up writing a long tribute, Sad how we prefer the words ‘RIP to the words ‘You look beautiful’.We wait too long to wish them well. Love their post, make a comment to show we care, We wait for no reason, Only to wish we hadn’t. We wait only to hear they are gone . And suddenly realize how special they were. We wait and wait and wait, only to realize they are no more. Waiting isn’t bad but don’t wait too long. Give your spouse and family the best regardless, that’s what you will be remembered for.img_0426
  2. Give yourself a treat: stop procrastinating. Give yourself a treat. Don’t feel guilty for taking out time to rest and have a good time with yourself -you truly deserve it.img_0423
  3. Feed Yourself Jealously: food is very important and feeding yourself is no crime. Feed your body with the right kind of meal. It is in your power to make your life countimg_0424
  4. Stay Positive: that someone else did not achieve that thing does not mean you won’t accept it. It may look rough but always stay happy and positive.img_0430
  5. Live healthy: it is very important that you live healthy. This is not about dieting, it is about how you look after yourself. This is a very broad topic.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a Lovely week. Don’t forget to like, leave a comment about ways we can channel our power, share and most importantly be a part of this community. For Moms By Moms.


  1. Thanks mum,

    All that you said is very true.
    Many people don’t love themselves.
    God bless you for such Wonderful words.

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