#78. How to Make a Triple Skin Toning Smoothie

Hello Moms,

Triple smoothie in glass: kiwi-mint, mandarin-apricot and strawberry-blueberry


Happy weekend to us all.  I have decided to share my 3 in 1 smoothie recipe and how I make  the smoothie.

All you need in this are either 3 fruits, 3 vegetables or mix and match. But if you are looking for a smoothie that can help brighten your skin and change its texture then these are some of the right ones.

Note that every fruit is important and have their own functions.

Recipe: Kiwi-mint, mandarin-apricot and strawberry-blueberry

How to make it

  1. Wash all your fruits
  2. Blend them one at a time
  3. it doesn’t matter the one you blend first.
  4. In this case I used kiwi and mint first blended them together
  5. put in the glass
  6. blended my  mandarin and apricot
  7. put in the  same glass
  8. blended my strawberries and blueberries last
  9. put in the same glass- so in one glass you have 6 different fruits and it taste yummy.  Triple smoothie in glass: kiwi-mint, mandarin-apricot and strawberry-blueberry

Hope you enjoy it- drop me a comment to let me know what combination you used. Feel Free to Subscribe, Share, Like and Follow. For Moms By Moms

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