#9. Story: how to reduce belly fat

Hello Moms


Are you looking at reducing some belly fats? These are some of the things that has helped me after 4kids and I am still on.

1) Sleep: getting enough sleep is the best advice i heard from my health visitor. After my twin babies she asked me to sleep well, that this will help me shed some weight around my mid section. You know after a c-section some women like myself feel bloated, then even when your baby is 6months people will be asking if you are pregnant again. Yes i suffered this as well. getting enough sleep has been studied and eight hour sleep is recommended There are a lot of  health benefits of getting enough rest and sleep. A lot of times we give ourselves so many reasons why we can’t sleep. from feeding baby to late night movies and so on. everyone needs sleep, not getting enough sleep keep you exhausted and this may hinder a lot of performance. lack of rest may cripple your hormonal production, metabolism and nervous function. This can impair the production of key hormones responsible for the metabolism of fat cells. adequate sleep can help your brain function well as well as help your body burn out stubborn belly fat.

2. Exercise: this is very important not everyone like has the time to hit the gym like me, so here are the things i do;

i take long walks, so in the morning i make sure i do a 30minute walk and in the evening as well, so i end up during a 1hr walk daily

I Always dance with my kids, once we are all home; i make sure I dance with them. I play a fast music and ask them to join me, we dance round the house and you know kids hardly get tired, i indulge their energy to boost mine.

At work do not sit at stretch without taking a walk, Run in place for five minutes, Jog around your office / parking lot.

I do my plank sessions once i wake up. AFTER drinking water I plank.

Swimming is also good plus the weather is hot now so make the most out of it.

3) Mind what and when you eat: do not eat carbs at 8pm and expect some magic to happen. sometimes we eat too much both what we need and what we don’t. hungry or not, we just eat. you need to start helping yourself. at the end of the day we are all responsible for ourselves. take up that responsibility and stay healthy.

4) drink lots of water, once you wake up take plenty of water and keep at it all through the day.

5) eat proteins

6) take meals that contain a lot of fibre

7) do not sit at a place and expect others to run around for you. do things yourself. House chores are a good way of burning belly fat and loosing weight too. Some of us sit down and let the helps do everything for us. while the help is constantly burning fat we are sitting and expecting magic. get up and move. Have you ever wondered why you hardly see a fat help(maid)? because they work all day. Constantly working out. this is one thing that has helped me stay fit. i don’t have a help, I nurse my 4 kids all by myself and i still have time to do other things. I will share a little secret much later on how to balance your time.

8) I hear green teas are good but i haven’t tried them.

9) try Yoga

10) plenty fruits and vegetables

Its Saturday, think of changing your habits. start now!!


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  1. Hi,my wedding is coming up in a few months and instead of losing weight I keep on adding…. Pls what can I do or take to lose weight in one month and is it possible….. Thanks for ur rapid reply

  2. I would like to join. Am so much interested in how to balance my time. They busy nature of my life makes confused sometimes. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

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