#4. Problem 1: Habits

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It’s not the lack of will power that makes us overeat and gain weight. Sometimes, it’s that sneaky bad habit you developed without even realizing it.


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1)  Dashing out in the mornings without breakfast: this isn’t a good one at all. Breakfast is so important. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to look after ourselves. 


2). Snacking on Biscuits/cookies and chocolates



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Yes I struggled with this because, it was my main craving during pregnancy, without it no one around me will find peace. The excuse was pregnancy, after the pregnancy…what was the excuse? Habit. This became a full time habit something I couldn’t do without. Very terrible habit. I was expanding on all the wrong areas because I failed to discipline myself. How did I stop it? I replaced it with something. I call it my quick yummy fix

3). Eating after 8pm: If you are on this journey, its a no no to eat after 8pm.

Reasons why you should avoid food after 8pm

  1. To avoid nighttime heartburn

It is a fact that eating late at night keeps your stomach busy, continuing to produce gastric acids in an excessive amounts. When you lie down shortly after your meal, the acids are pushed into your lower esophageal sphincter, irritating the latter resulting in heartburn. This worsens when you lie down on your stomach. To prevent this from occurring, eating after 8 p.m. should be avoided.

2.To get a good night’s sleep

Studies show that eating does have an effect on your sleep since those who ate late at night had a difficult time going into deep sleep. It is because when you eat close to your bedtime your stomach is still working hard to digest your food, during this time your stomach is required to rest and recuperate. In effect, sleep deprivation slows down your metabolism leading to faster weight gain.

3. To prevent weight gain.

One of the 5 Reasons you should not eat after 8 P.M is to keep you from gaining weight. Studies reveal that there is a relation between eating especially large meals late night and weight gain. When you eat late, it causes the rising of triglyceride levels which in turn signals the body to store fat used to produce energy. Since no physical activity is done during nighttime, the fats remain in our body without being burned. Hence, this results to weight gain.

4. To refrain from overeating

When you eat beyond 8 p.m. chances are you are too hungry that you forget to consider your caloric intake. Due to the need to satiate yourself after a long gap from your last meal you eat more than necessary. This ensures that needless calories will be consumed then stored as fat once it is processed.

5) Too Much Fizzy Drinks/Alchohol

Some of us cannot do without fizzy drinks and lots of alcohol. Which at the end of the day, it doesn’t even help. I was so addicted to fizzy drinks especially the chilled one, awwww, but that didn’t help at all.

6) munching chips in front of your favorite TV show. The next thing you know, one little bad habit can equal out to a lot of weight gain. The worst part is, you might not even realize what you’re doing to yourself.

7) Not preparing your meals ahead of time

8) Eating the remains of your baby’s food: hahaha i was a victim of this. you know that minute when your baby/child is tired of eating and you decide to eat so the food won’t waste. that’s a situation you’ve found yourself in.

9) Getting too stressed

10) Preferring a particular food without thinking of ways to balance it up.

11) Thinking everyone is your responsibility apart from you

12) Drinking less of water

These are some of the bad eating habit I had and I am sure some of you can relate to this.

While you are out today, think of some of your habits and kindly share with us so we all find a solution to them.

Up next: Replacing your bad habits with healthy ones.

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