#5. A cooler for a sunny day!!!

Hey Moms,



imageHey Moms,

I woke up this morning to a very hot and steaming weather. I am literally burning at the moment. I decided to change my breakfast smoothie to something that will cool my skin. If you are feeling hot why don’t you get these items and get your body cool. You can add some iced cubes or freeze your fruits to get the best out of your coolant. I call it ‘Yummy Cooling Smoothie

1) half cucumber

2) 1 banana

3) a handful of chopped pineapple

4) 1 mango

5) a handful of chopped water melon

put all in your blender and blend it out. Trust me it will make you feel cool in this steaming weather. It’s also a way to avoid cold fizzy drinks.

Enjoy your Yummy Cooling Smoothie in a hot steaming weather.

Kindly share what you had today, let’s see who’s been thinking of ways to replace some bad eating habit.

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