1. we dated for 5years,married for 2 years now,blessed with a twin boy/girl,I do all that u listed and more,my single friends can’t compete with me,i’m that hot,and everyone can testify that i’m a good cook,I always keep the house clean and warm,we are so lucky my kids sleep through the night;peaceful babies,have been on some really good aphrodisiac,but community prick,still cheat with different girls,at times he disappears for as long as 4days,he won’t even pick his mother’s call,I don’t have feelings for him anymore,I want a separation for now.already called both families for a meeting,what would u advice?

  2. Thank you very much for finding time to reach out even in your busy schedule
    I deeply appreciate and believe we achieve much more this year with the right mindset and consistency. Thanks a bunch

  3. Very educational and motivational indeed ,ive enjoyed every advise ,please keep on motivating woman out there who like to have children one day

  4. Good day Dr. Christiana, I am new here and really want to lose weight. I Love what you are doing. You look great too.

    Pls could you advise on a waist trainer and where to get one.
    I will truly appreciate if I could also get your invite during your live training sessions.


  5. wow!! this is nice! pls do where can we get them especially the maca root and the activated charcoal. also, do the have native names?

  6. Yes very useful information,from incorporating it in meals to using it with other natural ingredients for my skin, tumeric has been a wonderful life saver