#89. 5 Stomach Bloating Remedies- Christiana Stephen

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Bloating is something 99% of us suffer from. It could be before, after, during your cycle or just a day to day discomfort, whichever it is there are ways to de-bloat naturally without medications.

Papaya smoothie, selective focus. Detox, diet food.

  1. Smoothie 1: pineapple and pawpaw (papaya) de-bloat smoothie: these fruits consist of enzymes such as bromeliad and papain. Research shows that these enzymes help banish bloat by breaking down protein and easing digestion. Snack on a bowl of cut-up fruit, or make this smoothie – pawpaw, pineapple blend with coconut water .Healthy green smoothie
  2. Another smoothie that helps bloating is the kale, blueberry and pineapple combination smoothie. This smoothie also helps to energise your day as well as having contents that can help bloating. To prepare this smoothie – blend a handful of kale leaf with water  until smooth, then add a cup of pineapple, a cup of blueberry and blend until it is smooth. There you have the KBP Combination smoothie. Mint tea
  3. Peppermint Tea: Peppermint is a very popular herb for easing digestive issues because it contains the active ingredients menthol and mention, which have antispasmodic and digestive properties. Peppermint also stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and bile to help expel gas, making it a perfect method to beat the bloat fast.Healthy turmeric tea with black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and gin
  4. Turmeric: a lot of us do not know how important turmeric is to our bodies. The power of turmeric to relieve bloating quickly comes from the active ingredient curcumin, a fat-soluble antioxidant that gives turmeric its vibrant yellow-orange hue. In one study of 440 people with digestive issues, those who consumed curcumin daily supplements had a 67 percent improvement in abdominal pain, bloating, pressure, and a feeling of fullness. Turmeric has many other healing properties as well, and is thought to be effective in fighting cancer (nicehomeremedies.info)
  5. Salt: reduce the amount of salt you take. Those fries may be tempting, but sodium causes fluid retention, which is a big reason you might be bloated. That’s because sodium affects the kidneys’ ability to rid the body of fluid and waste.

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