#72. Christmas Healthy Habits Challenge-Christiana Stephen

Happy New Month All

Christmas is around the corner and I have decided to make this fun for all of us looking at staying healthy. This challenge is a 30 day challenge that does not demand anything extreme but will help us all through our holiday period to stay disciplined all through the season. This challenge will also test how ready we are to stay healthy.



Habit 1: Drinking 8 glasses of water a day; Water is very essential and we must make it one of our top most habits. It doesn’t matter how you drink it. I can infuse or drink plain, just try and drink 8 glasses a day

Unhealthy food isolated on white background

Habit 2: No sugar, no sweets, no biscuits, no junk food : only fruits and vegetables

soft drink being poured into glass

Habit 3: No Fizzy drinks

Young African American woman asleep in bed

Habit 4: 8 hour sleep


Habit 5: Replace your breakfast with a smoothie of your choice


Habit 6: Include exercises in your daily activity

Habit 7: Stay Positive: no unhealthy thoughts

Habit 8: Repeat from 1 to 7 AND DON’T STOP UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR GOALS…

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