#71. Join Our Closed Group For Free Today…

Hello Moms,



Today is one of those days that I wish to say Thanks to all the moms that have followed this blog diligently. I truly appreciate. Without your constant sharing and engaging with our site, it would not be a success, so to say thank you, I have decided to reward 10 people.

The first 10 people to reach me through Whats App on this line +44 7376057163 will be added to our closed group-the healthy Mommies Hub.

Requirements for joining

  1. You must be signed up to our blog @50amazingmoms.com
  2. Be part of our Facebook Page 
  3. Be a mom 
  4. Be committed 
  5. Be Determined 
  6. Be respectful
  7. Be serious

Failure to follow our rules means you will be sent out of the group…

These are all the things you need to be a successful candidate. Note that this ends exactly 24hours from now. That means the offer will end on the 1st December 2016 by 12pm London Time.

Lets see how many people are constantly tuned to our blog.

The time starts now…

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