#43. Weight Loss: How effective are eggs?

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It’s a good day and an exciting one, so if you are alive be glad, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Quite an interesting topic to explore today. Looking at how healthy eggs are with regards to weight loss.

According to BBC, Eggs are a useful source of protein, iodine and essential vitamins and are almost indispensable to the cook. Hens’ eggs are the type of egg most frequently used in cooking. Duck eggs, gull eggs and quail eggs are less frequently used and are generally eaten on their own, rather than in baking.

Thinking of shifting some pounds? eggs have been considered a good meal for weight loss when used the right way.

A research by Rochester Centre for Obesity in America, eating eggs for breakfast could help to limit your calorie intake throughout the rest of the day, by more than 400 calories.

Eggs are quite rich in high-quality protein, healthy fats and many essential vitamins and minerals. They contain certain properties that make them a good source for weight loss.

They are low in calories and a perfect way to reduce your calorie intake. One egg contains about 78 calories, so if you are counting calories, eggs are useful in maintaining this.

Eggs are also filling because they are nutrient- dense. consuming high protein foods can help reduce appetite and increase fulness (authority nutrition.com)

they contain amino acids that can help boost your metabolism

Using eggs as a weight loss meal is less expensive, so you really have nothing to loose.

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