#33. You want to belong to our closed group? Hurry limited spaces

Hello Moms,


We are so excited to talk to you about the progress we have made so far with the 50 Amazing Moms community. We have enjoyed months on nutrition tips, now its time to take this further by adding lots of twist and turn to it.

We have decided to lunch our new Facebook closed group and WhatsApp group to help us interact better but this is solely for people who are interested to loose weight in an exciting environment.

The benefits of joining our group is that we will be talking about things a bit more detailed


-More nutrition facts

-Best meals for your blood group type

-free meal plans

-free weight loss challenges

-Home Exercises

-Work Life Balance

-Stress Management

-Health Concerns

-Beauty Tips

-Advice on how to manage time

-Helping you create routine for your kids and a lot more will be discussed on a personal basis.

_loosing weight while breastfeeding: tips on what foods to eat

-A support group for pregnant moms

-all these topics are aimed at raising healthy and happy moms, those who are quite able to manage the challenges of motherhood.

A friendly environment where you can be yourself, chat with and make long lasting friends ‘ friends who share the same goal as you

videos, images and power point presentations will be used to achieve our purpose. We will also be contributing towards each others needs. its a lonely world out there, there’s need to be part of a group who truly cares about your welfare.

we intend to have few people so we can make more impact. The first few people to indicate interest will be accepted.

All you need is to register with either with
$30 (30 dollars)

£23 (pounds)

N10,000 (naira)

This group will be launched on the 1st November 2016, if you are interested, kindly get back to us via email @50amazingmoms@gmail.com, so we advice you better on the payment process.

Kindly Share this you never know who may be interested


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