#28.Story Time: infused and detox water

Hello Moms,




Today is day 4 and we are still on our 7 day water challenge. Just to add a bit of flavor to it, let’s infuse our water.

you can infuse your water with any fruit and veg of your choice.

I enjoy adding lemon and ginger or cucumber and mint leaf. It all depends on what you have available and what best suit you.

Benefits of infused water

1) it helps maintain a healthy body weight

2) some people call it ‘detox water’

3) boost your metabolism

4) it make drinking water more enjoyable

5) it is good to replace soda with this

6) it cleanses your body and helps eliminate toxins

7) slow aging process

8) improves your mood

if you want to know what fruits and veggies you can use to infuse, kindly ask, we are here to answer your questions.

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