#27. Our 7day water challenge begins now!!!

Hello Moms,


considering the importance of water, I will be challenging you all to a 7day water challenge. All you need is water and a glass.

This is not a water fast so feel free to eat. It’s just a water challenge to teach us how to drink the required amount everyday.

Get your glasses ready, the challenge begins now. After 7 days feel free to post your reviews on our site, so others will be motivated to try this out.

In this challenge, you are required to drink 10 glasses of water a day for 7days. 

2 glasses once you wake up and 2 glasses before bed time, then the rest comes during the day. 

Benefits of drinking lots of water

1) Clearer Skin: I call it the best beauty therapy

2) Kidney Function

3) Relieves  Fatigue

4) Fluid balance

5) it increases energy

6) helps control calories

7) prevents pain

8)it boost the brain

9) it boost our productivity level

10) it can relieve hangover

feel free to join this challenge. Water is good for everyone whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding or like me. Also feel free to post your reviews after 7days so we hear your stories.

kindly like, comment and share for others to join, the more the merrier. 

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